Report a Website

Did an inappropriate website get past our filters? We hope not! But if they did, you can help Kids Search by sending us a short email about it. Over the years we are getting less and less people contacting us about websites that slip past our filter which means Kids Search is constantly improving. This is something we are very proud of and could not have done without your help.

Our database is full of possible keyword searches and adult websites which are filtered from your search results. However - If you do find any adult websites that you believe should not appear in your results, we encourage you to send them to our review team. [email protected] .

Please provide us with the keywords you used to find the website and the website address. After review we will block the website, which is normally within 48hrs after submission. Additionally, we will submit the website to Google so they can also block it via their Safe Search strict filtering technology. This means that any other website that uses Google Safe Search will also benefit from your submission. We are always working to improve our content filters and we appreciate you contacting us.

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