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We recommend children use Kids Search while being actively supervised by an adult. They should also limit their internet usage to an agreed amount of time depending on the kid's age as it can be all too easy to lose track of time and spend hours online. The Internet is packed full of inappropriate content for children and kids may try searching for it, or they may stumble upon it accidentally. In any case, it's not difficult to find, if the inappropriate websites are not blocked. Google Safe Search is a step in the right direction to block websites unsuitable for children.

Many child friendly search engines use Google SafeSearch technology, but what is it and why should you use it? Kids Search is powered by Google Safe Search technology but we also have extra protection layers in place. More information on our added security can be found on our about us page.

What is Google Safe Search?

Kids are now more easily connected to the internet through Wifi with their mobile devices, tablets, televisions, gaming consoles and more. So not surprisingly, they are also spending a lot more time connected online than ever before. Keeping children safe online can be a hard task, especially because now kids are also a lot more tech-savvy.

Google created SafeSearch to help protect children from search results by blocking adult-related websites. You can use SafeSearch as a parental control however, Google does state that it is not 100% accurate but it helps to avoid most explicit content. Safe Search can be enabled in the Google settings menu and you can turn it on to remove explicit results or, turn it off to include explicit results. There is also a lock feature where you can lock Safe Search on with a password, but you will need to have a Google account to be able to do this. Safe Search is free for anyone to use and it works best when you have other parental control software enabled. You do not need to activate SafeSearch when using Kids Search because all search queries done through Kids Search has Google Safe Search automatically activated.

Why use Google Safe Search?

Google has state of the art algorithms and teams of dedicated individuals to help block new websites and pages that are created daily with adult content. Furthermore, Google's many active Safe Search users can submit any adult related or objectional websites found, directly to Google for blocking. Google will then review the inappropriate websites and then stop the websites from appearing in any future search results when Safe Search is enabled. As you can imagine, the more individuals who submit adult websites to Google, the better the Safe Search product will be. This combined with Kids Search's proactive users who submit adult websites to us provides improved protection for children.

Why use Kids Search?

Visually, Kids Search is appealing to young children but don't be fooled by our cuteness. Yes, we may have a Kid-Friendly theme to our website but there are a lot of complex algorithms, technology, and manual labor that is working behind the scenes to help keep kids safe online. Just like other favored kid's safe search engines including DinoSearch and Kidrex, we enhance Google SafeSearch technology by adding extra layers of web filtering protection and we have a vast database of inappropriate keywords, key phrases and website addresses that are blocked from children's search results. Furthermore, we have measures in place to keep our database as up to date as possible with the help of our dedicated team of editors and our active user base. For these reasons, many schools, libraries, and families choose to use Kids Search as their default search engine for kids.

Kids Search for Schools

Schools need to have a high level of protection from inappropriate content, while also allowing students access to educational sites. In some countries, schools must adhere to certain Government criteria before they are eligible for internet discounts and other internet bonus packages for their school. However, you don't want to restrict students' internet too much thus denying access to valuable information that children can learn from. To do this, schools invest in a combination of DNS filtering, Firewall filtering, browser filtering and more to help better protect kids. Kids Search is a free protection layer that requires no server configurations at all. Just by setting Kids Search as the homepage for students is adding another layer of protection for children to help keep them safe online.

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