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Kids Search is a search engine that helps to block adult material from displaying in the search results page. Kids Search was created in 2012 and over the years, has accumulated a database full of website addresses and keywords that are inappropriate for children. Our editors are constantly reviewing and updating new websites that are sent to us by parents, guardians, school teachers, librarians and more.

The power behind our Kids Search engine is Google SafeSearch technology. Strict Safe Search is enabled on all search queries by default and cannot be bypassed when using Relying on Google Safe Search alone is not entirely the safest option. Our Keyword and Key phrase blacklisting works alongside Google SafeSearch to bring a safer online experience to children.

As mentioned previously, we also review and manually blacklist websites that have been sent to us. Kids Search has a library full of inappropriate URL's that will not show up in any search results performed through Kids Search. Please help us and contribute to our blacklist library by sending us any websites that may have got through our filters. For more information on reporting a website, please visit our Report a Website page.

Many libraries, families, K12 and primary schools around the world take advantage of our website filtering technology. While Kids Search is favorable, it's not a substitute for supervising young children and teaching older children the skills they need for online safety.

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