What is KidRex?

KidRex is a dinosaur themed custom Google safe search engine designed and built for young kids. KidRex helps to protect children from questionable adult content that can be found online using traditional unfiltered search engines like Google.com . If a child tries to search for something that is inappropriate, then KidRex will prompt an "oops! Try again" message. So, what does KidRex deem as inappropriate? Much like Kids Search, KidRex have a team of administrators that maintain a database full of adult-related keywords. If any of these keywords are searched for, then it will trigger the oops, try again pop up message.


Is KidRex Safe?

KidRex is safer than using an open search engine but like all other safe search engines, it cannot guarantee 100 percent safety for children. This is because there are many ways to get around such filters, but for all children whose intentions are to simply search the internet for kid friendly content and knowledge then kid's Safe Search engines are highly recommended. The risk of displaying inappropriate adult related search results is greatly reduced when using a kid safe search engine.

If a child does stumble upon an inappropriate website, then a parent can submit the site using the webpage removal request tool found in the parent's section of KidRex. Typically, within a few days of submission, then KidRex will block the site from ever appearing again in future results for everyone.

Since the year 2009, KidRex has been helping to keep kids' safe online while kids are searching the world wide web. Interestingly, the KidRex website has not changed much at all since they launched, and the large T-Rex dinosaur still commands the centre stage of their homepage since day one.

Many young fans of KidRex have been inspired to hand draw their own versions of the T-Rex Dino. If chosen by the KidRex team, their creations can be viewed online via the Kids section of the KidRex homepage. The ages of the children who have been lucky enough to have their picture added to KidRex are between 4 and 10 years old. This is a rough indication of the kid's ages who use KidRex for their search engine and can be useful to know if you are deciding whether to let your own children use the site.

One thing we do know is that KidRex has plenty years of experience in providing safe search results for kids. There have been countless Safe Search for kids' sites come and go, but KidRex is one of the originals and is still used by many kids because of its basic fun web design and powerful web filtering systems.

KidRex has been acquired by alarms.org and the homepage can now be found at www.alarms.org/kidrex .

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